Meeting Room Policy


Note:  Although there is no charge for the use of these meeting rooms, any donation your organization may like to give will be gratefully received.

1.         The Drake Community Library provides meeting space for civic, cultural, educational and public informational meetings by community and business groups.  Private social events are not allowed.  Meeting rooms are not available for businesses to sell merchandise or services or placement of orders.  Meeting rooms are not available for non-profit organizations to conduct fund-raising activities.
Exception: Programs or sales conducted by the Friends of Drake Community Library, the City of Grinnell or the library itself.

2.         All meetings held at the library must be free of charge.  No admission, collection or donation may be taken.  Exception: With approval of the library director, permission to charge a fee may be given to organizations and area colleges using meeting rooms for seminars, programs, and courses of an educational or cultural nature.

These regulations are in accordance with Article VI of the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights which states that such facilities should be made available to the public served by the given library “on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.”

3.         Reservations for use of meeting rooms will be assigned according to the needs of the meeting. Meeting rooms available include:

Community Room capacity 100 seated or 36 at tables (this room can be divided into two smaller rooms with capacities of 40 seated or 18 at tables).  LCD projector and speaker system are available to users.  A kitchenette is also accessible to users.
Large Group Study Room capacity 10 seated around table
(2) Small Group Study Rooms capacity 3
Board Room capacity 12 seated at table.
Story Room prioritized for Library events, outside groups may use with approval

4.         The meeting rooms are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.  Meetings are scheduled over the phone or in person.  Responsible persons must be over the age of 18.  The calendar of scheduled events may be viewed online from the library’s website.

5.         Meetings must begin prior to library closing time.  Meetings held in the Community Room may extend past closing time.  All other meetings must begin and end during hours of library staff availability.  Meetings may start as early as
9:00 a.m.

6.         All equipment must be scheduled in advance.  Wireless Internet access is available in the meeting spaces.  Organizations must supply their own laptop computer.  All organizations must take reasonable precautions to avoid damage of equipment, furnishings, floor cover and other library property.   Candles and open flames are not allowed.  Materials are not permitted on walls and only dry erase markers may be used on the white board surfaces.  Exits shall not be obstructed and all materials brought in shall be completely removed.  The Library will bill organizations for damaged library property.

7.       Set up and clean up is the responsibility of the user.  Meeting room furniture may be arranged to fit the needs of the user but must be returned to the standard arrangement prior to departure.  The Library is a smoke-free building.

8.       Food and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in the Community Room.  Covered non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in other meeting areas.

9.       Use of meeting rooms does not imply library endorsement of ideas expressed in the meeting or of the aims and goals of the organizations using the facilities.  In case a question is raised as to the objective and activities of any organization, group, or individual requesting use of the meeting rooms, the Library Board shall be the final authority in granting or refusing permission for the use of the rooms.

10.     All advertising and public notices of events to be held in the meeting rooms must carry a clear statement of organizational sponsorship.  No organization or group shall use the Library as its official address.

Adopted 04/10
Rev. 10/13