Members of the Library staff strive to make everyone feel welcome and get the most out of the Library’s many resources by offering help in the use of the catalog, the book and media collections, and electronic databases.   All staff members are prepared to help with any questions and explain any of our services.

Library Director
Marilyn Kennett (you may contact the director using MKennett at

Youth Services Director
Karen Neal

Systems Administrator
Monique Shore

Library Assistants
Liz Cabelli, Karla Selby, Sharon Johnson, Brenda McDonald, Julie Owens, Michelle Shaffer

Dorrie Lalonde

Circulation Clerks
Susan Hiner,  Rachel Romero, Diana Romero

Library Pages
Ava Deitrich, David Krumm, Lena Hotchkin, Olivia Montgomery, Henry Hutchinson

The Library Board

Members of the Library Board of Trustees are appointed by the Mayor to serve for a six-year term.   The Board meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month with the Library Director to oversee library operations, set library policies, and approve expenditures. By keeping informed about library issues, developments, and technology, they work to bring the best in current library services to the Grinnell community.  The public are welcome at these open meetings.

Vice President
Jim Ahrens
Teresa Pagliai
 Darcy Swick
Karen McNally
Tina Elfenbein
George Britton
Bill Rudolph


Many talented and dedicated volunteers make possible services and projects that could not be accomplished without their help. Storytelling, delivering books, mending books, helping with children’s programs, assisting with a variety of jobs in the children’s department, and managing the local history archive are primary among the numerous jobs volunteers perform for the Library.   Every year six to seven hundred hours of volunteer assistance allow us to provide services we could not offer without them. Thank you to our wonderful volunteers!