Iowa Documents

Drake Community Library holds a current edition of the Code of Iowa. You may also access the Code of Iowa online.

The State Library of Iowa provides certain Iowa libraries with a core collection of government documents.

Many of these titles from the State Document Depository Center are no longer available in paper form and therefore are provided as links below.

Iowa Administrative Code composite of all rules written by the executive branch which have the full force and effect of law
Iowa Administrative Bulletin official notice of all changes to the rules of the Administrative Code and all other documents which pertain to the business of the Administrative Rules Review Committee
Search the Iowa Administrative Code
Iowa Agricultural Organizations

A directory of Iowa Department of Agriculture officials.
Family Farm Meats Directory

A county by county listing of direct to
you family farm meat retailers.

Iowa Court Rules

  • Access to ICR on Internet.  To access a PDF or NXT (with robust search engine) version of the ICR on the Internet, access the ICR through the ICR Internet delivery site at
  • E-mail Alerts of ICR Changes.  To receive e-mail alerts of all official changes to the ICR, users may subscribe to the ICR electronic mailing list at
  • Printing and Downloading of ICR from Internet.  To print or download an ICR Supplement or all or portions of the ICR, users may access the ICR Internet delivery site at  Printing options would be provided by the user’s own printing capabilities (e.g., two-sided copy and paper punching options).
  • Local Electronic Storage of Updated ICR.  To automatically receive ICR updates that can be downloaded and stored locally on a computer or computer network, users in the near future may request this functionality from the LSA and pay a small royalty fee.  The user must install the update software locally to allow access to the Internet ICR update interface.  Users could then access the locally stored ICR without a continuous Internet connection.
  • Electronic Links to Court Orders Creating or Amending Rules.  Going forward in time from issuance of the new electronic edition, the historical source note at the end of each rule will be linked to the Court Order creating or amending the rule.  All Court Orders will be accessible through the ICR Internet delivery site at in the order of their date of issuance by the Supreme Court.
  • Archival Versions of the ICR.  Going forward in time from issuance of the new electronic edition, archival versions of the ICR will be made available through the ICR Internet delivery site at


Iowa Official Register

The Iowa Official Register, commonly known
as the “Redbook,” has served as a biographical and historical
record of our leaders, government and people for one-hundred
and eight years.


Iowa Voter’s Guide

Information on voter registration, find
your polling place, etc. -published by the secretary of
state’s office.
Local Jurisdictions Information

An Iowa Department of Transportation organizational
chart and listing of county engineers and various officials.


Pocket for Iowa Notaries Public

Information on becoming a notary public and performing
notary public duties.


Salary Book

A searchable listing of state employees
and their salaries.


State of Iowa Government Metro Area Telephone Directory

The Iowa State Government Metro Area Telephone
Directory is available for download . The directory can
be used while connected online or it can be downloaded
to a hard drive and used while off line.


State Roster:  List of State Officials

An extensive listing of all state officials
with contact information.


Fiscal Facts 2003

A compilation of current fiscal statistics for the State
of Iowa, including revenue and expenditure information
from the 2002 session of the General Assembly.


2003 Summary of Legislation

A compendium of summaries of legislation and the text
of the legislation passed by the Second Regular Session
and the First Extraordinary Session of the 80th General
Assembly and signed or vetoed by the Governor.  Also
contains a listing of Senate and House Files cross referenced
to their Iowa LActsChapter numbers and a listing of sections
of the 2003 Code of Iowa amended by the legislation.

Iowa Publications Online

This website is an electronic depository for documents intended for the general public produced by Iowa state agencies. This service allows Iowans and others to have electronic state documents at their fingertips.

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Thomas Legislative Information

Connecting YOU to your Iowa Government is the General Assembly’s new Web site, containing legislators’ names and contact information, all current as well as archived legislation, the Code of Iowa, the Iowa Administrative Code, fiscal information and current issues publications from the Legislative Services Agency, lobbyists’ names and clientele lists, educational pamphlets about how government works, the legislative calendar, daily House and Senate calendars and links to live audio from both chambers as legislators are meeting.www.governor.iowa.govis the Web site for the governor’s office, containing links to information about the governor, the governor, the first lady, constituent services (flag status, how to request a proclamation, how to request a letter, how to apply for executive clemency), the newsroom (press releases and speeches) and accomplishments (executive orders, signed legislation and special projects) and, the official Web sites for Iowa’s Democratic and Republican parties, containing information on party platforms, event calendars, candidates, county organization maps, volunteer forms and news coverage;