• You can only print pdf documents with this system. If you need to print a document from Word, Excel, etc. you must first save the file as a pdf document. This function is built in to current versions of Microsoft Office applications and many other programs. You will upload the pdf to the print server using the instructions below.
  • This process only works if you can select and upload your pdf file to the print release station. This is not possibly with most mobile devices at this time.


  1. Connect to the DCL-Public wifi network (it will not work when connected to other networks)
  2. Open the web browser of your choice
  3. In the url address box, enter You should see a screen similar to this: wifi 1
  4. Enter “print” for both the Username and Password
  5. At the next screen (see below), click on Submit a Jobwifi2
  6. At the next screen (see below) select whether you want to print in color or black and white:
    • groovix-server\Xerox-BW for black and white prints (.15 per page)
    • groovix-server\Xerox-COLOR for color printing (.50 per page)wifi 3
  7. Click on Print Options and Account Selection button
  8. Enter how many copies of the file you wantwifi 4
  9. At the next screen you will upload the pdf document you want to print. As indicated earlier, this system CAN ONLY PRINT FROM A PDF DOCUMENT so you must have your item available in that format to print here.
    • Click Upload from computer and select the file from your computer
    • Click Upload and Completewifi 5
  10. You should get a message that your document was successfully submitted followed by a screen indicating that the item is now in the queue on the print release station.wifi 6


The Print Release station is located towards the east end of the library, near the magazines and newspapers.

It has a vending unit attached that accepts coins and $1 bills.

  1. When you get to the release station click on “Guest” at the main screen to bring up the list of print jobs in the queuewifi 7
  1. Identify your print job using the document name. All wireless print jobs will show the same user “print” and the same machine name of “Web Print”. You are responsible for making sure you release the correct print job!!!
  2. Enter your money into the vending unit that sits between the release station and the copy machine.
  3. Click on “print” for your print job and wait for your print out.