Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

Learn about kites and kite making from kite enthusiast Sis Vogel at this interactive workshop. Kids in 3rd grade and older will be able to explore festival kites and get some hands-on experience building their own kites to take home and fly. Wednesday, April 24 from 3:30 – 4:45 in the Story Room.

Dick and Sis Vogel have been kite-makers and flyers for a number of years. Living in The Mayflower Community, they pursue their art, building frames and sewing skins for their specialized kites. Then they travel around the country, attending kite festivals and competitions. When you tell them to “Go fly a kite,” they are likely to do so!

Pictured is Sis “flying” in the South Padre Island Kite Festival on the weekend of February 9th. Dick and Sue own over 70 kites, traveling around the country with a group of “kite people.” A few years ago, they attended an event in France. Friends tell us that if you want access to the VIP section at any kite festival, just tell the officials that you “are with the Vogels!”

— Bob Mann, Sales & Marketing Director, Mayflower Homes

Jerry Fee (right) assists his friends Dick and Sis Vogel while they assemble a butterfly kite at at the SPI Kite Fest outdoor festival in February.