Our mission statement serves as a guide towards providing the best library service possible. Your suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

Mission Statement

Empowering the community through responsive services and programs, Drake Community Library will help all patrons access information, exchange ideas, and engage in lifelong learning and cultural enrichment.

-adopted by the Library Board of Trustees, December 2017

Core Values

Drake Community Library –its Board of Trustees, staff, and volunteers– is driven by a commitment to these core values:

We value our library users by providing them with our services in a nonpartisan and non-judgmental manner that is sensitive to and supportive of human differences.

We value intellectual freedom for all by providing access to all types of literature and viewpoints.

We value our users’ right to privacy by keeping records of their library use strictly confidential.

We value learning for all ages by providing a wide range of books and other resources along with skilled assistance in using these resources to their fullest extent.

We value technological literacy by providing public access to appropriate technology and educational venues to encourage its use by all.

We value our children and young people by offering special programs and resources designed to open the doors to lifelong learning, the pleasures of reading, and the love of libraries.

We value our community by providing a public place for the exchange of ideas and personal expression.

We value our employees by providing a safe workplace and opportunities for professional and personal growth.

We value ethical, fiscally responsible stewardship of public resources.

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