American Studies (1993)

These interviews and transcripts were done in Spring 1993 for an American Studies course taught by Hanna Griff at Grinnell College, “American Beliefs and Cultural Values.” The focus was on the 1950s, but content also covers the Depression and World War II eras. 

Some interviews have both a MP3 file and a PDF transcript, and some just have a PDF transcript. Links to download all of these are included here, below, with that individual. Those with content in Digital Grinnell are linked as such. Any available photos are also included. 

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People Included


Digital Grinnell:

Anderson, Bob

Man smiling in a suit with glasses

Beaty, Wilson

Man smiling

Beaver, Jean

Woman wearing glasses, smiling

DeMeulenaere, John

Man smiling, wearing glasses

Delong, Charles

Man smiling, inside, wearing a sweater

Delong, Kate

Black and white photo of a woman

Ernst, Elizabeth "Betty" Hempstead

Woman smiling, with glasses

George, Jim

Drawing of a man wearing a suit with glasses

Hammond, Betty

Woman smiling, wearing glasses

Jones, Alan "Al"

Man in a suit and glasses, sitting

Keeney, Adelaide (Peggy)

Woman smiling, wearing glasses

Klausner, Neal

Man laughing outside in front of a tree

Leggett, Glenn

Man wearing holding a cap, wearing a gown, smiling

Louden, Kathryn

Woman smiling in a blazer with glasses

Moffett, Alex

Man sitting in a chair, reading a book inside

Ogata, Daniel "Dan"

Man in glasses wearing a suit, sitting on the ground

Pederson, Don

Man in a checkered shirt, smiling

Pfitsch, John

Five male basketball players holding a man up on their shoulders, smiling

Pinder, Dorothy

Woman looking up at the camera, wearing glasses, smiling

Rixen, Walter

Man smiling with glass

Schultz, Elizabeth

Woman smiling in a blazer with glasses

Smith, Max

Man with glasses, smiling