Camp Fire Girls Project (1979)

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In February 1979, the clubs of the Camp Fire Girls conducted interviews with Grinnell senior citizens. These interviews were then recorded in the compiled document, Project Interaction: “What was life like for a child sixty years ago?

Individual interviews range from one to six pages, and common questions include: “What kind of toys did you play with when you were young?” “Would you rather have been a child then or a child now?” “What were your favorite foods as a child?” 

A link to explore this PDF in Digital Grinnell is included here, and a list of interviewees along with the page numbers of their included interviews can be found below.

People Included

Alden, Henry: pg. 2-8

Anderson, Doris White: pg. 30-31

Cramer, Katherine Kintzinger: pg. 9

Ernst, Elizabeth (Betty) Hempstead: pg. 10-11

Ernst, George: pg. 13

Fields, Lola Clark: pg. 32

Hyde, Veda: pg. 25-27

Marcum, Harvey: pg. 33-35

Potts, Lucille “Sid”: pg. 12

Sisco, Dorothy Elliott: pg. 28-29

Tinnes, Edna: pg. 20-24

Van Nimwegen, Ina: pg. 17-19

Wells, Hester Sparling: pg. 14-16