Intergenerational Project (Remembering...)


These short stories by Mrs. Barger’s creative writing class were based on interviews with individuals from the Grinnell Senior Center. All stories were then compiled into a single, 28-page document, Remembering… An Inter-generational Project. 

Individual pieces range from one to four pages and include both direct quotes and summary. A link to download this PDF is included here, and a list of interviewees along with the page numbers of their interviews can be found below.

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People Included

Devilder, Margaret: pg. 1-3

Freeborn, Hazel: pg. 4-7

Geurts, Dortha: pg. 8-9

Hartzell, Josephine: pg. 10-11

Hartzell, Ray: pg. 12

Janssen, Verna: pg. 13-14

Kennedy, Ada: pg. 15-16

Locay, Kathy: pg. 17-19

Robinson, Idona: pg. 20-21

Rutherford, Vaneta: pg. 27-28

Sammon, Carol: pg. 22-24

Simerman, Ruby: pg. 25-26

Drawing of a one-room schoolyard with a female teacher, horses, and small children