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Other Services

Reference Services: Patrons may ask a reference question in person at the library, by telephone at 236-2661 or by using the ask-a-librarian reference form. In addition to the  hundreds of reference resources within the library, you have access to several research databases and online learning tools.

Open Access to use libraries throughout Iowa: Your Drake Community Library card opens the doors of libraries all over the state! Over 600 libraries participate in the State Library of Iowa’s Open Access program, which serves as a statewide library card. This program allows users of participating libraries to check out materials from other participating libraries, giving access to more resources and offering greater convenience for those who may wish to use a library where they work, shop, or visit.

Book Delivery: Library staff members and volunteers deliver books weekly to Grinnell residents who are unable to come to the library. If you would like to have books and other materials brought to you at one of Grinnell’s retirement homes, nursing homes, or your own home, on a regular or temporary basis, contact the library to find out about this service.

Multiple Copies for Book Discussion Groups:  Titles appearing on the State Library’s Multiple Copy Listing may be requested for your book discussion group – advance notice is advised to ensure delivery according to your group’s calendar.

Interlibrary Loan Services: Books and other materials that are not in Drake Community Library’s collection may be borrowed from other libraries across the state and the nation. You may search other Iowa library offerings through SILO (State of Iowa Libraries Online) Locator. (Click on the “Search the Locator” link.) You may email your request to us if you would like to obtain materials through interlibrary loan.

World Cat You may also search the world’s largest catalog of library materials to identify items you would like to borrow. Your local library will then request the item for you. Search at http://www.worldcat.org/

Computer Access:  A total of 17 Internet stations are available to the public in the adult and teen areas of the library. In the Children’s area,  an additional 8 computers are available for use by children in 12 and under.

Mediacom provides the library with a discounted high-speed Internet connection for the library’s public Internet stations. Windstream provides a discounted Internet connection dedicated to the library’s staff computers. The generosity of these providers is appreciated!

Books in Baskets:  The Children’s Department is always striving to increase library contact and reading opportunities for all children. A basket of books, appropriate to the learning level of the children being served, can be delivered on a monthly basis to the child care provider’s home. The delivery consists of a basket of 20 books and 1 resource book for the child care provider. Call 236-2661 to subscribe!

Teacher / Home School Accounts: Extended loan periods and special services are available to classroom teachers and home school families. Ask a staff member to explain these services and register you with a teacher account.

Use of Grinnell College’s Burling Library: Residents of the Grinnell area who have a 236 or 528 telephone prefix may borrow materials from Burling Library at Grinnell College. Take your Drake Community Library card to Burling to register as a borrower there.

State Resources: The State Library of Iowa offers many services to supplement those of local libraries. Information networks and free access to subscription databases expand the tools at hand in our library to find the information you need.