Circulating items may be reserved in person, by phone or online. You may only place holds on items that are currently checked out. If the materials you want show in the catalog as being on the shelf you are responsible to come to the library to locate the material. Library staff are available if you need assistance.

Request Item in the Library Catalog

  • Begin by logging in to your account with your barcode and pin.
  • Search the catalog for an item and click the Place Hold button
  • You will be notified by phone or email when the requested item is available. You may also monitor your account online to see if a hold is waiting for you.
  • Items ready for pick up are held for 3 days after you are notified that they are here for you.

Request Item NOT in the Library Catalog

  • Items not available in the library catalog may be requested through interlibrary loan (ILL).
  • Items need to have been released more than 6 months ago to be requested through ILL.
  • These requests must be done through a staff member either in person or via phone.
  • You will be notified by phone or email when an item is available.
  • Due date is set by the lending library and is not dependent on when the item is picked up by you.

Suggest a Purchase

  • Items not in the library catalog may be suggested for purchase. You may make the request in person, by phone, or using the online Materials Suggestion Form.
  • If the item is selected for puchase, it is generally added to the library’s catalog within one month
  • If you request, the item will be placed on hold for you once it is available and you will be contacted by phone or by email

If you are interested in purchasing an item for the library collection, please contact Library Director Marilyn Kennett. Items can often be purchased through the library vendor at discounted rates.  


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