Code Club is for any child in 3rd grade and older. It is perfect for those just getting started with coding or wanting to explore improving their skills. Dates for after school code club are fixed to coordinate with Grinnell College student availability. They generally run mid September through Thanksgiving in the fall and February through April in the spring.

Student Leaders

Grinnell College Computer Science majors do a great job leading the code clubs!

Coding for Kids

The library partners with the Grinnell College Computer Science Department to offer fun and relaxed coding activities throughout the year.  Led by Grinnell College Computer Science students, the format is relaxed and inviting, designed to provide encouragement and exploration of coding for all levels.  During the school year the program meets on Thursdays after school, and we offer a weekly code club as part of our summer program as well.

The library has a limited number of laptops for students to use so they are encouraged to bring own if they have them. This also allows the student leaders to advise on great coding programs for kids to load and play with between club meetings.

Snacks are provided as part of the after school group.

Code with Scratch


Scratch is an online coding site designed by MIT specifically to help children learn to code. It’s a great way for all ages to get a sense of how coding works.