You may print from laptops and mobile devices using either of the below methods.

Google Cloud Print: If you have a Google/Gmail account, you can add the library Cloud Printer to your Google account

  • To link to the library Cloud Printer click here
  • From your mobile device, select Google Cloud Print. If you’ve added our printer, you should see “Drake Library Staff Printer” as an option.
  • Print jobs will be sent to the Staff Printer near the library circulation desk. To retrieve you jobs you must ask a staff member to release the job for you.
  • Printing is .15 per page single-sided black and white, .20 double sided, .50 for color, .75 for color double sided.
  • You may select Letter (8.5×11), Legal (8.5×13) or Ledger (11×17) size paper from the options.


  • Open the document, website, email, etc. that you want to print
  • In the settings for your device, search for and connect to the LIBRARY STAFF COPIER wireless network. (Note: you must be close to the front desk of the library to be within signal range.)
  • Go to the page that you want to print and select Airprint. You should see the Sharp MX-3071 listed.
  • Be sure to select options for black & white, double-sided, etc. In order to cover our expenses, we will need to charge you for color regardless of whether it was your intention to print in color or not!
  • Ask staff member to retrieve you print job at the main Service Desk.

You can also print from a USB flash drive at the copier near the front desk.