When possible we recommend printing from the library computers. If you don’t have a library card staff can provide a guest pass. Login to the computer and access your document to be printed. If you want to print from our wireless network, we provide the following options.

The easiest wireless option is to upload your document (pdf, doc, jpg) to the Print Release station located near the magazines.

  • While connected to the DCL Public network, go to https://dcl.groovix.net/print
  • Enter your library card barcode number OR get a guest pass from the staff
  • Upload your files as directed. You can send pdf, doc, or jpg files.
  • Go to the Print Release station.
  • Deposit money in the vending unit and enter your barcode & pin to release your print job.

If you have an Apple device, you can try AirPrint.

  • Open the document, website, email, etc. that you want to print
  • In the settings for your device, search for and connect to the LIBRARY STAFF COPIER wireless network. (Note: you must be close to the front desk of the library to be within signal range.)
  • Go to the page that you want to print and select Airprint. You should see the Sharp MX-3071 listed.