Our War (2009)

These video interviews with World War II veterans were collected and included with George Drake’s book, Our War: Stories from Poweshiek County’s Greatest Generation, in an accompanying DVD.

With permission, we have uploaded individual interviews to the library’s YouTube channel. On this page, you will also find the names of those interviewed in the book without available video. You can check out the book to explore more! 

For more on Grinnell during World War II, see Dan Kaiser’s blog posts “When German POWs Canned Corn in Grinnell…” and “Japanese Americans Come to War-Time Grinnell…”

People Included in Book (without Video)

Check out the book to read these stories.

Benda, Ken

Donohoe, Donald

Fudge, Jim

Gregory, Keith

Kasimow, Harold

Kovar, Stanley

Loftin, Grover

Luebben, Ralph

Peters, Bob

Rabenold, John

Septer, Arnold

Strawser, Cleo L.

Willemsen, Everett

Youngbeck, Gerald H.

People Included in Book (with Video)

Bloethe, Orville

Bowers, Richard "Dick"

Christiansen, Ken

Cocking, Cheryl

Heimann, Art

Hoisington, Robert, Jr.

Johnson, Sally

Pederson, Don

Perry, Homer

Pfitsch, John

Pierce, Joe

Pinder, Al

Rasmussen, Russ

Tomfeld, Madison

Wellborn, Beryl