PHPP Oral Histories (2012-Present)

We have been collecting these oral histories since 2012 as a part of our ongoing Poweshiek History Preservation Project. For more information on the larger project, visit its page here. Interviews include some combination of a PDF transcript, MP3 audio, and a transcription in Digital Grinnell. Some interviewees also have photos, which have been included here as well. 

For help on downloading PDFs and MP3s in different browsers, visit the Downloading Documents page.

People Included


Digital Grinnell:

Bartachek, Gene and John

Two men standing together, indoors

Belcher, William

Group of men in military uniform, "William Belcher" signifying the man in the middle

Bell, Glenn

Young man wearing a suit, smiling

Cameron, Doug

Man with glasses, smiling

Clausen, Ted

Man smiling with glasses

Dimit, Sue

Man and woman wearing glasses, smiling

Eisenman, Marie Walker

Woman with her hand on a chair, smiling

Gaard, Lamoyne

Man sitting in a chair, looking at a book, and a man sitting on the floor with a book

Greenwald, Stan

A male doctor reading from a paper, wearing doctor's scrubs

Peak, Geoff

Man wearing glasses, black and white

Pfitsch, Emily

Woman with a graduation cap talking into a microphone at a podium

Phillips, Karen

Group of women, smiling, wearing long dresses, in front of a hanging quilt

Raffety, Howard

Man smiling, wearing glasses

Reavis, Lucille

Woman standing wearing a red shirt

Stoakes, David

Man with glasses, smiling

Van Dyke, Lucille Binegar

Woman smiling with her arms crossed

Wellborn, Beryl

Man smiling in glasses and a suit